Cash Rewards Credit Cards Archives We received an offer for Bank Of America BankAmericard Cash Rewards Visa credit card. It has been 3 years since we started credit journey. Last year we received offers from Discover, Chase, Citi, and Wells Fargo. This year we finally received from Bank of America. I am very excited, but I am not sure if I can get this card as I opened 5 new credit cards and had 1 credit limit increase in last 6 months.

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Bank of America – BankAmericard Cash Rewards credit card commercial
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  • – Examine the best cash reward credit cards.
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Cool Cash Rewards Credit Cards images

Some cool cash rewards credit cards images:

If the price of gas is cheaper using cash, then what else is?
cash rewards credit cards
Image by eric731
At our local gas station, the sign above was posted on the digital display at the gas pump. It said that my gas purchase would be cheaper by the gallon if I used cold hard cash.

Why would a business offer a cheaper price to a customer for using cash?

The price of using a credit card, especially a rewards credit card, is the transaction fee that is charged a business by the credit card company. Of course, a business is not going to freely pay the fee. They will roll that fee into the price of the product thereby raising prices on products and services. As "rewards" credit cards get more popular and grant even larger "rewards" it causes even larger fees to the business which that have to keep driving up prices to keep up with "reward" demands.

However, if a business can convince someone to use cash instead, then that business would be able to charge less for their product or service than their competition. That could prove to increase business overall by offering lower prices.

This helped prove to me the cost rewards credit cards have on our economy. As more people "earn their rewards", they drive up the price of all products and services.

Which leads to the following question…

How can the poor, who have less access to "rewards", keep up with raising prices caused by the large transaction fees of the rich and middle class "rewards"?

If we seek social justice then we must be willing to give up our "rewards" in order to keep prices low, so the poor has a better chance to keep pace. Otherwise, as we seek more "rewards", we drive prices up, and leave more poor people behind.

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Get Excellent Credit in 15 Days… Guaranteed… !
This information is shocking but it is 100% true and 100% legal. In fact, it is the exact same technique used by attorneys, doctors, and accountants. Ever heard of these types of professionals having any problem getting credit? Of course not. Here’s How..
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How to Cut Your Household Budget with Rewards Credit Cards
Credit card rewards programs have gotten better over time. Not only have the rewards, in some cases, become far richer, but the variety of awards is more diverse than ever. Whether you want free hotel rooms, airline miles, points that you can use for merchandise, or cash back on purchases, there is a card for you.
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Best Credit Cards Online Site Expanding
Best Credit Cards Online (, an online provider of credit cards reviews and rankings, announces the addition of new Website features
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Credit vs. Debit: Your Cards Don’t Have to Be Costly
On Friday, I shared an anecdote about a woman with (at least) 30 credit cards in her wallet, and I talked a bit about the cards that I carry in my wallet. I also asked you guys to share details about your situation, and the general consensus seemed to be that most of you carry somewhere between 2-4 credit cards.
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Swipe fee war: Higher fees, 30% APRs, vanishing rewards
If you’re a bank customer, you could soon be facing higher ATM fees, a $ 50 spending limit on your debit card, or a 30% late payment penalty on your credit card. And those debit rewards you’ve been enjoying?
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Small businesses: Give us a break on debit card fees
Local merchants say we’re already paying for the swipe fees banks charge them every time a customer uses a debit card. Banks say we can kiss rewards points goodbye and get ready for higher ATM surcharges or debit-card spending limits should a bill…
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Reward Credit Cards: Its Pros and Cons

Reward Credit Cards: Its Pros and Cons

If you’re planning on applying for a reward credit card, knowing its pros and cons will surely help you come up with a better decision. Consider the following points about the advantages and disadvantages of reward credit cards:

Advantages of Reward Credit Cards

Earn from Your Purchases. One of the most ideal features of a reward credit card is that it lets you earn from your purchases. This is especially true from cash back credit cards because with each dollar you spend on your card, you get a corresponding point. When you’ve collected these points, you can either exchange it from a credit card’s redemption store or use those points as cash to buy products and gadgets.

Get Discounted Rates. Reward credit cards often give rebates with each purchase you make. This means each time you buy an item, a certain percentage is given back to your account. Just like cash back points, rebates can be used to make new purchases or pay off your credit card balances.

Travel for Free. Travel reward credit cards work much like a cash back credit card where the card holders collect as many points as he can from his purchases. However, instead of cash, the points are equivalent to mileage. When you’ve collected the minimum number of mileage points needed, you get an instant free travel ticket from the credit card issuer’s sponsor airline.

Get Additional Privileges. Aside from cash and rewards, card members are given exclusive privileges that non-reward credit card members do not enjoy. For instance, the reward package includes travel accident insurance, car rental insurance, card and cash emergency replacement, no liability on unauthorized charges and others.

Disadvantages of Reward Credit Cards

High Annual Fee. Reward credit cards can have a very expensive annual fee. This is why it’s important to find ones with low annual fee or no annual fee at all. Yes, there are reward credit cards with great deals and does not require an annual fee be sure to look for them.

High Interest Variable Rates. Aside from annual fee, interest rates can also be costly. Most reward credit cards come with variable interest, so the rate you’re paying today can become really expensive in time. Watch out for reward credit cards that offer a low introductory rate but rises dramatically once the introductory period expires.

Reward Limitations. Another thing to watch out for is the limitations on collecting and redeeming rewards. There are credit cards that promise to give generous points until you reach the maximum amount allowed. For instance, you may be given 5% rebate per dollar spent but only until you’ve reached 00. By then, no matter how much you spend on your card, no points will ever be given. Some credit cards also forfeit points after a limited time period. For example, unredeemed points for the whole year will not be rolled over for the next year, which means all the points you earned will just go to waste. These limitations are not openly stated unless you read the terms and conditions. So no matter how exciting the offer seems, take your time and make sure that there are no such unreasonable terms before signing up for any reward credit card.

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cash rewards credit cards
by YoTuT

Reward Credit Card or Cash Back — Which Is Better?

A reward credit card and a cash back credit card are often confused by consumers and even used interchangeably by many credit card companies. In reality, these two types of credit cards can actually be quite different. In fact, the way you earn the rewards or cash back can be quite different, as can the method for spending the money, points, or miles you earn from the card. Therefore, it is best to compare cash back credit cards with reward credit cards before applying in order to determine which type is best for you.

Points Versus Cash

The first factor to take under consideration is whether you prefer receiving cash or points to use redeem on certain goods and services. With a cash back credit card, you will periodically receive monetary refunds. A reward credit card, on the other hand, will either provide you with miles for travel discounts or points for use on specific goods and services. For some consumers, the thought of earning cash back is more enticing, while others prefer the fun of spending their points on things they might not otherwise purchase.

Value for Your Buck

Although you might think you would prefer to get cold, hard cash in exchange for your purchases, you need to consider the value trade off. Generally, reward credit cards supply incentives of a higher value than the amount of cash you receive from cash back credit cards. Of course, if you have no use for the items offered by a reward credit card, then these points are worthless to you. If the items are something you could use or something that you want, however, it might be more worthwhile for you to take advantage of reward credit cards.

Staying Organized

One drawback to reward credit cards is the fact that you need to keep track of points in order to make your purchase. With cash back credit cards, the money is either sent to you automatically or is applied directly to your credit card balance. Therefore, it does not require any organization on your part. If you are somebody that lacks strong organizational skills or you simply don’t want to be bothered with keeping track of one more item, reward credit cards may be too much of a hassle for you.

At the same time, some of the best reward credit cards take the paperwork out of the picture for you. For example, reward credit cards that provide you with free gasoline as a reward may simply deduct the cash back reward from your gasoline purchases made with the card. In that way, you don’t have to keep track of your points and redeem them for your reward.

Getting What You Need

Another potential drawback to reward credit cards is the fact that you are restricted on what you can purchase with your reward. Obviously, you can purchase whatever you wish with the money you receive from a cash back credit card. On the other hand, most people are not bothered by this possible drawback because there are so many reward credit cards available that there is generally a reward credit card to suit anyone’s taste.

If you take the time to carefully shop around and to explore all of the options available, you will likely find a reward credit card that is right for you. From vacation savings, to savings on cars, to restaurant discounts, to merchant discounts, to free airline travel, there are unlimited possibilities. In addition, reward credit cards help ensure that you will spend your credit card reward on something fun for yourself – something you deserve for being a smart financial planner.

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Rewards Credit Cards Versus No Frills Credit Cards: Which One Is Better For Me

Rewards credit cards are among the most popular and sought out card offers on the market. They offer consumers the ability to earn points by making purchases under certain categories such as gasoline, airlines or hotels by using a particular card. These cards come in sorts of shapes and sizes, so to speak. However, they do come at premium cost. Rewards cards usually cost consumers on average at least 5 percentage points above a no frills credit card offer. Those with less then perfect credit will even pay a higher spread. However, a savvy consumer that knows how to use their card to their advantage will actually be able to save money. On the other hand, if you plan to carry a balance regularly than a no frills offer might be your best bet. The purpose of this article is to examine the feasibility rewards credit cards versus plain Jane no frills credit card offers.


As stated in the opening comment of this article, rewards offers are among the most popular card offers on the market. They offer consumers the ability to earn points and use these points towards other purchases or even cash back. As stated before, they do come at a premium cost. However, there is a segment of the population who can take complete advantage of everything that they can offer, including cash back savings. Credit card users can be classified into two different categories. Those who pay their balance in full and those who carry a balance. Those who plan to carry a balance should run from rewards credit cards as fast they can. On the other hand, those who pay their balance in full every month on schedule should embrace them with all their might. Many rewards offers on the market offer consumers the ability to get away with paying no interest charges by servicing the balance every month completely. This group of consumers will get to take advantage of all sorts of rewards offer games that will end up saving you money. Rewards credit cards these days are giving away cash back bonus awards in form of checks to your name or applied towards your balance.


There are many examples of good reward card offers on the market if you are in the cash position to reap their benefits. The Chase Freedom Visa with 0 cash back bonus is a good example of one of those offers. Chase is giving consumers a 0 cash back bonus for making 0 in purchases within 3 months. Most people can easily exceed 0 in expenditures within three months. This is a good way to get a discount on your next large purchase when you think about it. Like other reward credit card offers they are also giving away 0% interest on balance transfers and 0% interest on purchases. The time period for the introductory offer can vary so it is better to check with Chase for specifics before you apply. In addition, the Chase Freedom Visa 0 bonus credit card also allows you to earn 1% cash back bonus on everything that you spend when using their card.


All these great bonus offers are excellent for those who are not planning on carrying a balance every month. However if you are in the other category of user what type of card should you be looking at? Those who plan to carry a balance every month should be looking at a no frills card that does not have any features. Reward offer issuers need to make up for the rewards game costs by charging more interest and fees. No frills card offers charge less fees due to less costs involved. They might not come with all the bells and whistles that come with rewards credit card but they will be able to give you a better bang for your buck when you carry a balance. The Simmons First Visa Platinum does not come with an introductory offer but does give a very low regular interest rate that is unrivaled by many if not all rewards credit cards.


Rewards card offers are great for those who pay the balance in full every month. They are great for making purchases such as groceries and gasoline because they allow the consumer the ability to be able to earn additional savings on those purchases. Those consumers who pay the balance every month in full will be able to take complete advantage of those types of savings. Smart consumers take advantage of rewards credit cards every day by using them for purchases such as groceries and gasoline and then paying the balance at the end of the month and getting a discount. However, if you plan to carry a balance, bonus point are not your best friend. Those who plan to carry a balance should cozy up to a no frills credit card offer such as the Simmons First Visa and take advantage of a rock bottom rate. On the other hand, if you are able to pay your balance every month then rewards are always your best bet.

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