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Kenson Kids – “I Can Do It” Reward and Responsibility Chart Made in the USA. 11″ X 15.5″

  • 20 interchangeable chores and behaviors
  • 45 reusable plastic reward stars with Velcro
  • Chart has magnetic strips and hanging tabs
  • Measures approx. 11″ x 15.5

Motivating instead of trying to control your child’s behaviors will help mold him or her to be the best they can be. The ‘I Can Do It!’ reward chart brings some of these valuable lessons to life. Unlike other chore charts, the “I Can Do It!” Reward Chart is easy to use and has fun colorful pictures to go along with the tasks to help the child associate words with the task. The Kenson Kids reward chart grows with your child and is made for years of use. The reward chart has: 20 different, colorfu

List Price: $ 19.95

Price: $ 19.95

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OH, THOSe 2, SO adorable (channel 4, deal 3, trick G)
best reward card
Image by KevinHutchins314
OH, THOSe 2, SO adorable;


wHO remembers what happened at last night’s fête?

Queer cups were sipped, secrets spilled, strengths revealed, bodies entwined, cares shared, queefs queefed, queers relieved.

A way with the fates, a studio, a house: an ally waves (usUALLY WISE)

and makes the mOST of a
HOt boOST.


Initiate = Oh, those two tricks before this one were so adorable. The contractor retained his Demon Key, then the co-defenders evacuated their Wizard Key. So the tableau had seen Earth, Fire, Air, the Fool and the Magician in the Void; and only the Water remained unrevealed. Is this the right time to broach the subject?

If you poke any farther into the Air, you’ll probably force your Medium partner to trump, and you’ll probably force the Dealer (contractor) to overtrump. Maybe your partner still has a pip card of Air, and the contractor would then only play a cheap low trump card. It all seems speculative, of little reward, not much purpose… airy and vague… But you don’t have any more Earth, and you don’t want to waste your high face card in the Fires. Your two remaining Aether (Void) cards are quite impoverished: you have only the Empress of Generosity, and the Star of Fate; but neither of those would help your co-defender in this position of initiation, they would only theoretically be of value in a position where they could trump some trick.

Okay, those elements are a wash, so you want to choose from the Cups of Water? Let’s have a taste-test and decide on a Good selection for this Trick G! First from the very bottom of the barrel we are blessed with your Ace of Cups, the Chalice of Bliss. That’s a good lead, a nice ice-breaker, the best bargain if you are merely going to pay a "beverage tax" to the Queer King of Cups as he quaffs the first mug of this color. Where is the Queer King? Did the contractor have him among the dancers in his bidding, or does your co-conspirator hold the Queer Ω Archon in concealment below the seaweed?

You have the 5 Cups of ashes, but they’re only likely to disappoint in this trick. They wouldn’t do anything better than the Ace, so why spend the 5? The Bitch didn’t give any Cups to the contractor, so who knows where the expensive face cards will appear? Speaking of face cards, your only name in the Court of Cups is the Π Pion Ethyl Merman, the Merman of Grace, the Graceful Mermaid, the swimmer of simplicity. That face card is only worth +1 tête point, so you could expect the Merman to be even more useless here than the 5 of ashes. None of these Cups are likely to help your defense against the contractor.

Thus you come by process of elimination to the tasting of the 8 and 9 of Cups. In this situation their hierarchical ranks are effectively equal, as nobody (except yourself) knows they are adjacent in the same hand. You think these taste terrific because they might flush a face card out of the opposition, or they might even be powerful enough to splash this entire trick into the winnings of your defending side. Well, maybe that’s some wishful thinking; but at least they will minimally have the same effect as the Ace or the 5, and they might have as much benefit as the Π Pion, and they are a remarkably cheap bargain at this time.

The taste-test has good results: you decide to lead the 9 Cups of Joy, and display your highest pip card of the Water element. Great way to break the ice!

Medium = Oh, those cups from your buddy are marvelous. Your own cups are ridiculously low, really diluted to almost nothingness. You were dealt the 6 of Multiplicity, the 4 of Luxury, the 3 of Friendship, and the 2 of Adoration. That, and a buck and a half, will get you a cup of coffee! Ha! No, seriously, your Cups are pathetic. I can see why you’d be moaning and groaning over your drinks. But here’s a chance to be briefly happy: a bright spot where you could follow your buddy’s lead. He’s doing you the favor of playing up into the higher numbers, so you can play your lowest pip card here, and show some love. You clink your glasses together with two cheers: the deuce 2 Cups of lovebirds, extremities twisted round each other as their flagons splash together, trusting and adoring. HOnk HOnk!

Dealer (Contractor) = OH, THOSe 2, SO adorable! Spending, spilling, speeding into the Cups, and supposing they might have a splash at our expense? Not so, my dears, not so. For you see, from beneath the Sea, the Queer King of Cups comes swimming up, he’s the Ω Archon of Queefs, the Queer of Fuck-Ups, the QueeFukUps QueeOfCups couple of fucking holes to suck them up. Le Roi des Coeurs, the King of Hearts, kind of farts, queef queef and the queer arts, let’s just blow them a kiss, a wink, a nod, and swim away with the most precious chalice of all the Waters. Those are the current events. Splash!


Initiate = open the Waters with 9 Cups, enjoy!

Medium = follow into the pool with 2 Cups, Sweeeteee Dahhling!

Dealer (Contractor) = capture the tierce with the Ω Archon Queer of Cups, response of the biggest splash.

Contractor scores +4 tête points for the Ω Archon of Water face card, plus +1 Tricky Point for the tierce; these 5 are added to their previous 13 for a new subtotal of 18 points at the end of this Trick G. They now control the tempo leading into the next move.


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Barista Trouble

Check out these best reward card images:

Barista Trouble
best reward card
Image by psd
Of all the chain coffee shops, Caffè Nero is the best, certainly has the best coffee, but every now and again there’s a clash of culture with the often surly Italian baristas. Like this swine, who ignored half my order, and then stamped my loyalty card twice for the two coffees I’d bought, but over existing stamps, something I didn’t notice until I tried to claim my free coffee this morning. Ho-hum. Not exactly history’s greatest injustice, but kinda put me off Nero, or recommending it to others, at least for a while. Anyway, when in Soho, 1882 gets my vote.

My wallet
best reward card
Image by brianarn
This is a side-shot of my wallet to demonstrate thickness. I was writing up a reply to a friend’s blog post when I felt inspired to provide an image.

Since I gave it to him, let me tell you what I’ve currently got in my wallet at the exact moment of photography:

* Driver’s license
* Old college ID (student discounts, hehe)
* ATM/Check card
* Costco
* PayPal MasterCard
* Five of my business cards, two of my father-in-law’s for his small business
* Chiropractic card (hard to explain – an ID card just for the chiropractic office they use to speed things up)
* REI membership card
* Xbox Live Diamond membership card (gets discounts in a few places, not a big deal)
* Insurance card
* Visa
* Library card
* Hastings (video rental place) card
* Smith’s (grocery store) discount card
* GameStop (store credit/used discount) card
* Best Buy Reward Zone card
* Security card for work
* Three bills
* A completely blank check because it’s handy to keep one around for places that don’t take card

End Wallet Butt — All-ett billfolds

I bought this wallet for increased safety on my European venture, as it’s easy to stash on my person and not stand out, but I’ve kept using it for over a year now. I couldn’t be happier. Completely full, this wallet is thinner than my old one was when totally empty. It’s great.

WTF Best Buy?
best reward card
Image by cchauvet
Got this from my rewards points on my credit card. Both the name and black bar were built into the shrink wrap.


Check out these best reward card images:

This is what in Gift Certificates @ Best Buy gets you
best reward card
Image by greggoconnell
candy for stomach .22
batteries .58
USB Thumb Drive .99

getting triple points on my best buy rewards card PRICELESS!

What’s In My Bag…
best reward card
Image by Amy Dianna
…everything! My bag is like Mary Poppin’s carpet bag, except I don’t have furniture in there…yet 😛

It is a lot of stuff, but everything has a certain spot in my bag as I like to be organised. Not pictured (but always present) is my hard sunglasses case and my fold up reusable green bag (so I don’t need to use plastic bags).

My notes have a lot of detail, but I find it really interesting why people have certain things in their bags!


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