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Credit Card: Cash Back/Rewards: Is It Worth It?

Question by Autumn Leaves: Credit Card: Cash Back/Rewards: Is It Worth It?
My credit card company sent a letter saying I’m eligible for cash back and rewards. The cash back is 1% on all purchases, in my case that will amount to almost nothing. To find out the rewards I have to register. Is it worth the trouble? Aren’t there a lot of hidden charges? Isn’t this going to be a spam magnet? Thanks for any help.

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Answer by chica_zarca
It depends on the card and the company really. As long as you take the time to read the fine print, you should be fine.

I have a Citi credit card, I got 5% cash back on supermarkets, gas stations, and drug stores for the first 6 months and 2% afterwards, and 1% on everything else. It adds up slowly but surely. I racked up almost 0 in cash back points in just a year. That’s 0 that I can use whenever I want later on.

At least with Citi, there’s no hidden charges or spam or anything. It’s perfectly safe. I don’t know about other cards though. Feel free to call their help line and ask, and don’t let them talk you into anything you don’t want.

Also, be careful, some companies charge annually just for the “privilege” of using their cards. Don’t do it. There are plenty of other free cards out there, don’t pay.

Personally, I charge just about EVERYTHING just to get the cash back. When you really think about it, it doesn’t make an ounce of difference whether you take out of an ATM and use cash, or just charge it and pay the bill out of your bank account once a month. At least charging gets you the cash back. Plus credit card companies typically have much better fraud protection than bank/ATM cards. And another plus is it builds credit for when you need it later in life (car loans, home loans, etc)…

BUUUT I only suggest doing that if you are good at keeping track (mentally or physically) of how much your spending and won’t outspend yourself or go over your credit limit… Also make sure you pay it on time, or there’s like, a late fee. Plus the interest rate is typically 12-15%, so on a 0 bill, that’s -75! As long as you pay the full amount, on time, every month, then the interest rate doesn’t really matter, but if a day every comes where you miss the bill or don’t pay the whole thing, it will suck… So be careful. Credit can be amazing and awful at the same time, lol.

Here’s Citi’s reward cards if you want to check them out….

Good luck!!! Happy spending!

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Question by bum76: What is the best no annual fee cash back rewards credit card ?
I charge everthing and pay my bill in full when it comes. so I might as well have a rewards card. I would like to stick with visa or master card.

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Answer by sunshine_today
I have a Citibank card that pays a reward, but I like the citicard that I applied for through my American Airlines frequent flyer program. I have enough miles to go to Japan. Every dollar is worth a mile and I think you get 10,000 or 20,000 miles just for signing up for the card. It’s a free card, it used to have a fee, but now it’s free. So, if you visit family and need a plane ticket I’d pick that card over the cash back card because that only amounts to -60 a year.

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Question by collegebound: I’m a student looking to get a rewards or cash back credit card, but I’m confused!?
So the cash back seems pretty logical, I get so-and-so % for every dollar I spend, but these reward credit cards are confusing I can find out how many points I get per purchase but where can I find out how many points I need for certain rewards? I was mainly looking into the Discover Student Card or the Citi Card for College Students. Help?!

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Answer by joemonty2000
Each card should have a website or printed information about their offers. If they don’t report what types of rewards are offered for certain levels of points it probably because their rewards offers change fairly frequently.

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Cash Back Reward Credit Card – Choose the right cash back reward credit card for you.


cash back/reward credit card for public transportation ?

Question by moongirl: cash back/reward credit card for public transportation ?
hi im just wondering if there is any credit card that gives reward points or cash back or whatever…. that can redempt for public transportation?
i live in SF/Bay area and the BART cost everyday is expensive. i want to get some sort of reward on that, does anyone know??????

Best answer:

Answer by Serge M
First find out if BART will accept credit card payments for a long-term BART ticket. If they do, then you can apply for a credit card with a rewards option. Not all credit cards pay good rewards, and if you use the credit card as a means of borrowing money, the interest cost will be far more than any reward you earn. The Citi dividend card pays back cash provided you spent enough on the card and you pay the balance in full each month. If you don’t pay the balance in full, the interest cost will be more than the cash you get back. The Costco card from American Express pays cash back, but you have to join Costco to get the card. There are others. You have to investigate, and be sure you get a card that does not have an annual fee.

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Cash back credit card rewards

Cash back credit card rewards are a good way to save with a credit card if you follow some of the steps mentioned in our video. Read more at
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.01¢ Cash Back Reward on his PayPal Debit Card on 9-9-2009 AD

back card cash credit reward
by YoTuT

American Express Blue Cash Credit Card: More Than Just Cash Rewards

There are many cash back credit cards on the market today. Almost every large issuer has at least one of these credit cards in their ever growing product selections. Differentiating between these seemingly similar offers can be a tough affair until you start scratching beneath the surface.

When you do, you will find that some offer more than others. A good example of this is the American Express Blue Cash credit card.

American Express Blue Cash Financial Tools

American Express has purposely created an online financial management environment to simplify this often tedious task for holders of their credit cards.

• Account management: you can pay your American Express Blue Cash bill, monitor your account and all the transactions made against your account via the internet. This type of control is especially handy if you have issued family members or friends with American Express Blue Cash credit cards linked to your account. If you want to remain in touch on the fly, you could also avail yourself of the free American Express SMS alert service, which notifies you of any transaction made on your credit cards and provides you with a timely reminder of account payments falling due.

• Bill Payments: American Express Blue Cash credit cards are eligible for the online Bill Pay service. This service enables you to settle your bills with more than 100 companies – either as once-off or as automatic payments. To top it all, payments made in this way with your American Express Blue Cash credit cards, earn you cash back rewards.

• Year-End Summary: The year-end summary tool is extremely helpful – both from a tax preparation and budgeting perspective. It can be downloaded and printed, offers you a full year’s history and allows you to sort your expenses by category.

American Express Blue Cash Protection

American Express has a variety of measures in place to safeguard their American Express Blue Cash credit card holders in terms of:

• Merchants: Merchants whose products are not to specification and those who refuse to accept returns.

• Merchandise: Additional warranties as well as protection against damage and theft.

• Fraud: American Express Blue Cash credit cards are protected against fraudulent use, regardless of whether you shop online or in-store.

• Travel: When you travel, American Express offers you access to their Global Assist Hotline (to help with any emergencies that may come your way), as well as travel insurance and car rental accident and damage waiver protection.

American Express Blue Cash Smart Features

In addition to the financial tools and the protective measures offered by American Express to holders of their credit cards, they also offer a set of ancillary benefits that they call ‘Smart Features’. Some of the Smart Features you enjoy with American Express Blue Cash credit cards include:

• Shop Smart: Shop Smart offers savings and discounts on a wide range of brand names – from electronics all the way through to designer clothing.

• Travel: This Smart feature offers assured bookings, discounts, special offers and low rates to those holders of American Express Blue Cash credit cards who make their reservations through American Express online. When you travel and you need assistance, you can either call in at any one of their 2,200 travel services counters in more than 130 countries or call the Global Assist hotline.

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back card cash credit reward
by Joits

Credit Cards And Travel Reward: Taking Advantage Of Your Credit Cards

Credit cards are widely used anywhere in the world. People find it quite handy to have such a card, which provides a lot of convenience and flexibility. Since many people are finding it useful, many credit card companies are devising ways to attract more prospective clients as well as their present clients in order for them to stay satisfied with their services.

Benefit programs such as reward credit cards serves as an innovative instrument to stay competitive in the market. If you’re a frequent traveler, you may find having a reward travel card very useful. On the other hand, if don’t travel that much, it would be best not to get a reward travel card because its benefits are usually offset by hidden charges and very high annual fees.

If you are about to choose a particular credit card, consider the rewards features of the credit card company. It would be best if you could compare several card companies, and just make sure that you choose one that will suit your needs best. Determine first hand how you are going to use your credit card. In this manner, you will be able to pick the best credit card out in the market.

You must be aware that there are credit card companies which provide for a particular airline travel. Aside from that, rewards are also provided for hotel stays, car rentals, and gas purchases.

The use of the credit card provides convenience but it doesn’t mean that you should not be concerned with its cost. It is still possible to find one card which offers a considerable amount of convenience which at the same time offers the highest possible savings. All it takes is a little patience in doing your very own research on the different cards available in the market.

There are times when the use of cash during your travel is inevitable. A card which allows you to make cash advances will be quite an advantage. However, make sure that you make inquiries about cash advance charges. This step is needed so that you will not be shocked just in case you receive a huge bill at the end of the month. You might not know it, but there are many card companies which charge very high interests on cash advances.

The value for the travel rewards is not the same all throughout, and it differs greatly from card to card. Familiarize yourself with all the aspects of your credit card, including the value and schedule of your rewards. Some card companies send their clients the money after the year ends, and the amount usually depends on the amount of your credit card purchases.

If you don’t have travel insurance, you can choose a card which provides for it. The insurance includes lost luggage, emergency expatriation, medical evacuation, and other emergencies. Check with the card company about maximum monetary value limit before the rewards are offered. Due preparation before traveling is a must to avoid the discomforts of traveling to another place; any responsible traveler knows that fact.

Remember that in making any purchases, you will be able to earn points but make sure that you pay all your dues every month, otherwise, the rewards will not be of any worth. Be responsible in using your card and you will in turn receive the benefits that it offers.

Mario Churchill is a freelance author and has written over 200 articles on various subjects. For more information on a credit card or the best credit card checkout his recommended websites.

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